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The New Rules of Marketing Can Kill Your Business If You Don't Know About Them

97% of all consumers use online media to research products or services. That includes videos, search engines, social media, and mobile web technologies. If you think that this is something that only "young people" use, you are wrong! Most of the buying public now use them to make purchasing decisions.

The marketing paradigm has shifted from one-way "push" messaging to social media, which is a multi-point conversation. These conversations are happening online... whether you participate or not. If you haven't adapted your strategy, you will be left behind.

Whether you need to build a list, or grow a loyal fan base—there's a Jeanius solution for you. Our custom marketing plans take advantage of cutting-edge social media, lead capture, and automated response systems while our creative know-how and practical hands-on experience allows us to seize every opportunity.

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What's the easiest way to ensure your business success? ...Having a list! If your marketing doesn't include building, growing, and leveraging your list, your business will have a tougher time surviving, and an even tougher time growing. Read this book and you'll understand what to do to build and use your list to ensure your business success!

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Jeanius Marketing programs use all of the traditional channels of lead capture -- phone, email and web forms -- PLUS we add in game-changing new methods like text marketing, social media, QR codes, and business card scanning.

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