About Us

We are passionate about marketing!

Jeanius Marketing is a creative new-media marketing business. We know how marketing works, and how to make it work for your business.

It’s not just about building a website, running a PPC ad, or getting search rankings; it’s about RESULTS.

We understand this. It drives us.

We also believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and helping them create and execute a marketing strategy that specifically works for their business. We don’t do cookie-cutter plans.

How We Work

Our Approach

01. Discover

We love to learn more about our clients. What drives them. What their goal are. How things work now… We use this information to create a customm strategy to launch them to another level.

02. Research

We research what your competition is doing and what’s going on in the market so that we can match your goals to strategies we know will work.

03. Strategy

Our approach to strategy is that everything is connected. You can’t build a beautiful website and never tell anyone it’s there, just like you cannot build a list of cutomers and never use it to communicate. Everything works best when it works together with everything else..

Experienced Leadership

About Jean

Jean Scally is a best-selling author, internationally recognized marketing strategist, exciting trainer, and dynamic speaker.

Jean has been working with technology and business for more than 20 years. Today, she is the creative force behind Jeanius Marketing, a technology-savvy marketing firm based in Southern California and with clients around the globe. Jean specializes in online and offline marketing that generates an unprecedented amount of exposure for her clients resulting in a steady stream of customers, and significant growth in both new and repeat sales.

Jean has educated audiences on many different topics impacting sales and marketing. She was also a featured speaker on stage at internet marketing guru Mike Koenigs’s “Cross Channel Mojo” event, on various webinars, and in the book “Instant Customer Revolution”, about how to become a highly-paid small business marketing consultant with cutting-edge mobile, video, and social media tools.

Jean’s understanding of what works and what doesn’t helps fuel her company’s creative success.

As a speaker and trainer, Jean is able to relay complex technical subjects in a way that makes them accessible to everyone. As a marketing strategist, Jean has had success on projects that span a variety of industries, including retail, restaurant, professional services, and real estate.

Jean is available for select speaking engagements! You can download her One Sheet here or give her a call at 619-818-5579 for more information.